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Yusuf Idris

His life
Youssef Idris was born in May 18, 1927 and his father was a specialist in land reclamation and so it was heavily influenced by the movement of his father and lived away from the city has sent his oldest son (Joseph) to live with his grandmother in the village.
As the chemistry and science attracted Joseph wanted to be a doctor. In the years of study at the Faculty of Medicine participated in many demonstrations against the British colonialists and the regime of King Farouk. And in 1951 became executive secretary of the Committee for the Defense of the students, then Secretary of the students. In this capacity magazines published a revolutionary, imprisoned, and further study for several months. It was during his study of medicine has tried to write a short story first, which enjoyed great popularity among his colleagues.

Since the college years as he tried to publish his writings. And began his short stories appear in the Egyptian Rose Al-Youssef. In 1954 appeared his nights is cheaper. In 1956, tried to practice psychiatry, but was soon abandoned this and continued to the medical profession until 1960 to quit and was appointed editor of newspaper of the Republic and he traveled in the Arab world between 1956-1960.
In 1957 he married Yusuf Idris.In 1961 he joined the militant Algerians in the mountains and fought the battles of independence six months and was wounded and gave him the Algerians and the toxic expression of appreciation for his efforts in the process and returned to Egypt, has become a journalist recognized as published novels short stories, and short stories, and plays.

In 1963 he received the Order of the Republic, recognized as a writer of the most important writers of his time. However, the success and appreciation or recognition did not save him from the preoccupation with political issues, has been diligent to express his opinion openly, and published in 1969, planners criticized the Nasser regime and banned the play, but still short stories and plays published in non-political in Cairo and Beirut. In 1972, disappeared from the public arena, the impact of his public comments against the political situation in the Sadat era and no longer to appear only after the October 1973 war when it became the great writers of Al-Ahram newspaper.
His Stories  
Cheapest nights, Rh, a series of "Big Book" Golden, Rose Al-Youssef, and the publishing house of national, 1954.Republic Far hat, stories and the novel Love Story, Cairo, a series of "Golden Book" Rose Al-Youssef, 1956. With the introduction of Taha Hussein. Republic issued Farhat then independent, then with the king of cotton, Cairo, National Publishing House, 1957. In this group the novel: a love story which was published after an independent in the book is published by the Egyptian writer in Cairo.Star, Cairo, Dar al-Fikr, 1957.Incident honor, Beirut, Dar al-Adab, Cairo, the world of books, 1958.Is not it?, Cairo, Center for Middle East Books, 1958. And then released under the title: the bottom of the city, from the house itself.Another world, Cairo, a series of "Golden Book" Rose Al-Youssef, 1961.Military Black, Cairo, Dar knowledge, 1962; and Beirut, Dar Al-Watan Arab men and 1975 with the Bulls and Ms. Vienna.The bottom of the city, Cairo, Center for Middle East Books, 1964.Language IP Aye, Cairo, a series of "Golden Book", Rose Al-Youssef, 1965.Alandahh, Cairo, a series of "novel Crescent", Dar Al-Hilal, 1969; i 2 under the title of powder whisper, Beirut, Dar Vanguard, 1970.House of Bethlehem, Cairo, the world of books, 1971.Works full c 1: short stories, Cairo, the world of books, 1971.Summer night, Beirut, Dar return, d. T.. The whole book is taken from the group: is not it?I Sultan of law to exist, Cairo, strange Library, 1980.Kill them, Cairo, Egypt Library, 1982.
Reproach to consider, Cairo, Al-Ahram Center, 1987.
Haram, Cairo, a series of "Silver Book", Dar Al-Hilal, 1959.
     Defect, Cairo, a series of "Golden Book", Dar Al-Hilal, 1962.
     Men and bulls, Cairo, the Egyptian General, 1964.
     White, Beirut, Dar Vanguard, 1970. Kmmananta
     Ms. Vienna, Beirut, Dar return 1977.
     New York 80, Cairo, Egypt Library, 1980.
1- King Cotton (f) of the Republic of Farhat, Cairo, the National Foundation. Msarhatan 1957.
2 - critical moment, Cairo, a series of "silver book," Rose Al-Youssef, 1958.
3 - Lafraver, Cairo, Dar Al-Tahrir, 1964. With the introduction of the Egyptian theater.
4 - Ground farce, Cairo series "Theatre Magazine" 1966.
5 - planners, Cairo, Journal of the theater, 1969. Play Cairene dialect.
6 - the third sex, Cairo, the world of books, 1971.
7 - towards the scene of an Arab, Beirut, Dar Al-Watan Arabic, 1974. The book includes the full texts of his plays: The Republic of Farhat, King Cotton, critical moment, Lafraver, farce ground, planners and third sex.

8 - Acrobat, Cairo, Egypt Library, 1983. 9 - our fingers that burn
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