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Cairo Opera House
Cairo Opera House, or the National Cultural Center opened in 1988 and located in the new Mbenha Chdi which was donated by the Japanese government for their Egyptian counterparts in Cairo, the land of the island has built a house on the Islamic model.

This is a great cultural monument, which opened on 10 October 1988 is the alternative for the Opera House Khedivial built by Khedive Ismail, the year 1869 and burned on 28 October 1971 after it has been a cultural beacon for 102 years.
This is because the history of the Old Opera House to the boom witnessed by the era of Khedive Ismail in all fields has ordered the Khedive Ismail built the Opera House Khedivial District Uzbek central Cairo on the occasion of the opening of the Suez Canal, where I intend to call him a great number of kings and queens of Europe were built opera in six months Only after the development of design engineers Popular Avoscany and Ross was the desire of Khedive Ismail, heading towards the Opera Egypt opened the Opera House Khedivial the opera Aida was the music composer Italian Verdi, but circumstances prevented the submission at the opening ceremony, introduced the opera Rigoletto at the official opening which was attended by Khedive Ismail Empress Eugenie and the wife of Napoleon III and the King of Austria, Crown Prince of Prussia.
The opera house that burned early Khedivial October 28 1971 can accommodate 850 people and there was a place dedicated to important figures and marked that house grandeur and luxury.
Been equipped to build the opera house where the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in Cairo, was agreed to design compatible with surrounding buildings and from Casablanca was characterized by the design nature of modern Islamic architecture.
Include the area of ​​construction 22,772 m 2 while the building is located the same on an area of ​​13,855 m 2 of a height of 42 meters maximum was to characterize this site, which is located in the southern part of the island and the abundance of water of the Nile in this region and the large trees in the garden surrounding what has allowed this place to be Mahtwa natural excellent for the new Opera House.
In March 1985, there was a design that took years and a half and then had a coherent effort of the hands of Egypt in cooperation with the Kajima credit for completing this great work in the March 31, 1988 ie after 34 months of operation, the latest cultural features of Cairo.
In October 1988, the opening of this House with President Hosni Mubarak and his Alsmwalambratory Tomuhito Of Prince Mikasa, a younger brother of His Highness the Emperor. Japan also participated for the first time in Egypt and the Arab world and Africa in the opening of this cultural edifice kabuki show, which includes fifty members in addition to the artists of the highest ranking in the fields of music, opera and ballet. Thus the back of this great edifice into being again to Egypt was the first country in the region, assess the opera house twice in one decade ago.

Includes opera current three theaters: the large 1200 seat, and small 500-seat, and open 600-seat, and played an important role in enriching the artistic movement in Egypt, where includes Cairo Opera Ballet Company and Orchestra, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, the band National Arab Music and Dance Theatre talk. Opera and evaluate cultural salons and plastic art exhibitions and music festivals for the summer amateur team, as was the work of senior artists and direction of the various international teams.
 Cultural centers Opera
1. Palace of Arts, a cultural center and is a huge exhibition of all the fine works of art as well as the extension of the palace art library primarily interested in fine arts.
2. Hangers Center for the Arts and contains an exhibition hall and a small theater offers free.
3. Plastic Artists Association
4. Opera music library and the Supplement to the room for art.
5. Technical Innovation Center of the Ministry of Egyptian culture.
6. Museum of Modern Egyptian Art
7. Grand Theatre's opera performances and musical large and all are official has been outfitted with a security against fire and can seat 1200.
8. Small Theater and specializes in seminars, cultural evenings and performances as well as small and informal and can seat about 500.
9. Open Air Theatre allocated for this theater offers summer and youth and the total capacity of approximately 600 seats have been it offers many local and international.

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