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Khan el-Khalili
Khan el-Khalili, the area in the neighborhood of Al-Hussein, Cairo, Egypt, and is one of the most important markets of Old Cairo. It has a large tourist attraction for visitors to Cairo, Egypt in general. Characterized by the presence of bazaars, shops and popular restaurants, is also characterized by abundant numbers of tourists and residents get used to them
He holds the Khan title Khalili proportion to the Sultan Jahrks Khalili, a Mamluk sultans Circassian and founded in 1382 AD, since over 620 years the ruins of the tombs of the Fatimid caliphs in Egypt, known as the «soil saffron» It was to this land fees and returns strive to do all the Fatimid caliphs in terms of the visit and the frequency and lighting and giving the days of the Fatimid
Khan al-Khalili is located in a street parallel to the street Muizz Fatimid. There are by two of the most famous mosques in Egypt are the Islamic Al-Azhar mosque, which was built in the Fatimid period, and the Mosque of Hussein, who is revered in the hearts of the Egyptians who have very strong passion for the family of the Prophet.
Characterized by Khan El-Khalili with the number of Hawwanath adjacent next to each other in the familiar high sold all of the tourist desires to buy from Cairo, from artifacts Pharaonic counterfeit professionalism and accuracy of severe, through Palmchgullac copper and arabesque-catching the eye when they fall out, the end Balabaouat Instead of belly dancing that attract tourists from all nationalities to acquire a piece or more of them and silver shops, which includes the finest silver jewelry that will not only be found in Khan El-Khalili and the popularity of the great Arab and foreign tourists. Leather and brass have a place dedicated to the Khan meant not only tourists, but is considered one of the purposes of working in the area of ​​representation of those who show up for Khan to buy clothing and accessories historic show in the works of historical swords and copper helmets and belts

Crafts Khan
Ali Khan includes traditional crafts and heritage, and hundreds of workers and artisans whose profession crafts and handicrafts such as carpets, beads, crystals and papyrus industry and jewelry industry, gold, silver and ancient Egyptian amulets
And is known for selling gold, silver and copper artifacts Pharaonic fake, works of handmade art, different stones, accessories, leather goods, herbs, incense, and made of stained glass, glass, municipal water pipe (shisha Arab), which became the most famous products of Khan al-Khalili.
Fishawi cafe

Genius of the place in a cafe Fishawi, who lead the Khan can drink green tea, and chatting about anything the way you want, before the tour begins in the neighborhood the old and there is what is most enjoyable to roam on foot in the alleys , and the sun sneak shops many, along with some of the basements full of treasures and rare works of art, made with skill.

in the Al Khan

If the journey began in the Khan must take a look at the remaining of the (tasbil) overlooking the street or the warm, busy and beautiful fountains and windows and the copper basin of water that Troy was thirsty and passer in the time that he was.and the words of the children of the country welcoming the calls for visitors and visitors to the Gap,  Even entered one of the shops, the seller welcomes you with "Egypt Norte" and is the visitor who has experienced the world of Cairo magic and vocabulary language "Egypt illuminating its people," and begins in the presentation of his goods, his words flowing on the quality of his goods, and they are specially made for art lovers manual

Festival merchandise
Carnival visitors and visitors to the neighborhood of Khan al-Khalili interfere with clothes embroidered stacked shopkeepers as a kind of supply and temptation and pull on the front of the shops, and hanging hundreds and possibly thousands (swimming pools) within the counters and shelves commercial offer, or in the hands of young boys offering various types of swimming pools, each made of seed olive and plastic called the (morning light), and others belonging to the family of turquoise and coral, amber and convenience, including the Misna of sandalwood, say a rosary craftsmen that make the machine a small hand and accurate name (Lathe).
and foreign tourists are keen to buy jewelry silver, but Arab tourists like gold, has crept Goods Street chapel the famous Khan al-Khalili in search of (customer) a high-taste, it is estimated that between his hands from the precious. 

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