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The life of the late Taha Hussein

 Born on November 14, 1889 and lived in an area called Manor kilo, 10 kilo meters from the province of enamel Upper Egypt and lost his sight at the age of 3 years because of conjunctivitis in the eye Faljh barber wrongly claimed his eyes are all lost his sight because of ignorance, backwardness and perhaps that disability springboard for the birth of man not forgotten history and the world
His father was an employee of the Sugar Company and sired 13 children and Taha Hussein was the seventh in the order
The introverted sometimes feel depressed 0 0 serious in his life went in to his childhood listening to stories and conversations and to the verses of the Koran and stories of invasions and conquests and news Antar and then perfected the Quran, memorize the Koran before he was fully ten years
Left to Cairo, a request to the flag is a four-year-old in 1908 appeared his rebellion against the majority of the elders of Al-Azhar Alatbaian with his two companions Ahmed Hassan El Zayat Mahmoud Zinati and a student of her time at the hands of Imam Mohammed Abdu and ended immediately expelled from Al-Azhar because of his harsh criticism is no longer only be reached by of one senior Senate
In 1908 and joined the left-Azhar University in Egypt and heard the lessons of Ahmed Zaki Pasha Ahmed Kamal Pasha in the Islamic and Egyptian civilizations, and lessons in geography, history, astronomy, literature, philosophy, and here began a new phase in his life in self-education and goal setting
 Word of his message to get the PhD and the theme for Abu Ala and discussed the letter in the May 15, 1914 has brought the message bang huge and the positions of conflicting and arrived at the claim of a lower house of parliament to deprive Taha Hussein from his degree because he has written a book about atheism and blasphemy and the intervention of Saad Zaghloul, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of parliament he left Taha Hussein, the university and moved to Paris in the mission of the university
Left in 1914 and joined the University of Montpelier, which was far from Paris because of World War I then studied French language and in 1915 abolished the Egyptian University envoys for financial reasons, but returned to the University of Paris at the College of Arts and received lessons in history and in the meeting Haas another message at the hands of the world Emile Durkheim and the meeting was on the topic of social philosophy of Ibn Khaldun, where he received his doctorate in 1919 and then on the Graduate Diploma
1.Known Taha Susan when she read a passage from the hair of ricing I like the tones her voice and love the way throw and he is attached to this bird foreign and when he was back in his seat in the auditorium heard the boys tell him that I can help you to remember the lessons) and was the boys, but Suzintelk student of the French Catholic family with the help of one of her uncles, who was a priest said to her (with this man can should trust that he will remain with you forever) married him in August 9, 1917 and already lived the most beautiful and happiest her days with the man I love in his heart, without you see his eye was the impact of the Great his life and he said it one day: (There is the sun that she came back in the day from the days of spring) and said to her daughter that this woman made of another human being for APEC)

His return to Egypt 

He returned to Egypt in 1919 and was appointed professor at the Greek and Roman history until 1925 and became the Egyptian University to the University and the government appointed a professor of the history of Arabic literature 

In 1926 he published his book in the pre-Islamic poetry which caused a political uproar and the other filed a lawsuit against him because of the enlightenment and respect for the mind ordered the prosecution to withdraw the book and stopped distribution

 In 1928, the uproar erupted second Atd appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts resigned Taha Hussein, but on condition that attends one day back in 1930, Taha Hussein, college dean 
In 1932 was a major crisis in the life of Taha Hussein, whose government wants to grant an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Arts for some politicians refused to Taha Hussein in order to preserve the status of Degree, forcing the government to resort to law school instead of the Arts Vtaba Taha Hussein's work in the campaign against them in University newspapers Vail to retire March 29, 1932 Vlzim Taha Hussein, his writing and March and then returned to the university at the end of 1934 and was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts in 1936 until 1939 
The groove of the Wafd Party to power and then became director of the University of Alexandria until June 13, 1950 and was first appointed as Minister of Knowledge in the government Wafd until June 26, 1952 the day of the burning of Cairo, so he left Taha Hussein to intellectual production has been written about the Egyptian revolution in the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser, saw the October War Taha Hussein, died in October 28, 1973 at the age of 84 years

The most important of his works
Days - the promise of the right - The Wretched of the Earth  in the pre-Islamic poetry - words - critique and reform of literature Greek representative Taha Hussein and the Arab Maghreb - Doaa Forums - interview Wednesday - Voice of Abi-Ala from afar biography on the sidelines in the summer, the memory of my father Ala Ibn Khaldun's philosophy of social democracy in Islam

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