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Umm Kulthum

Umm Kulthum (December 30, 1898 - Feb 3 1975),Egyptian singer. Known in Egypt and across the Arab world in the twentieth century, and dubbed the planet the East and the Arab woman singing 
In 1954 reduced the Umm Kulthum table her concerts because of health problems they suffer from. I remember that the black glasses she was wearing was continuously because of thyroid disease, which led to her eyes bulging. This was also a reason to turn it off to its representative, who was confined at 6 Movies

The beginning of fame
In 1928, sings a monologue (if you forgive and forget the exponential), to achieve higher sales and cylinder at all time and manual name Umm Kulthum strongly in the music scene

There were songs in various Arab radio stations, and the composer is the second El Kasabgy Umm Kulthum after Sheik Mohammed Abu Ula. Where she was given about 70 to Melody. The also have riad Sunbati 95 melody. Sheikh Zakaria Ahmed 57 melody, and Mohamed Abdel Wahab10 melodies. Umm Kulthum made ​​throughout her career, about 700 songs. Its first meeting with the young poet, "Ahmed Rami," was in 1924 where she was given 126 of his own song. Followed by "Perm Tunisian" gave her 122 songs

 Prevention of Umm Kulthum
In 1951, singing (Egypt speak for them selves), to come a year later the July Revolution and the military to prevent a decision from the Umm Kulthum singing
 Her death 
During rehearsals for the song and signed Barah inflammatory disease of the kidneys. I traveled to London for treatment and was before her had asked for the poet Jawdat to write a song on the occasion of October victory and asked after her return from the composer Riad Sunbati Tlhanha even sing in the gala victory, but she died before the play

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