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Information on Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square, the largest areas of the city of Cairo in Egypt, and called that field in Tahrir Square for the liberation of women . ( Tahrir Square - Ismailia Square - The field of Sadat - Martyrs Square)
Code field of silk to the freedom of peoples and steadfastness while witnessed several clashes between protesters and security forces, including the events of the revolution of bread in 18 and 19 January 1977, and also of the protests in Egypt, 2011 and who became a symbol of the demonstrators and their steadfastness.

Importance of field editing
Although the field of editing the largest areas of Cairo,  most important field of Ramses the presence of station when Egypt is also a position the most extensive in the capital as well as the branch transportation of it, also comes the field threshold in importance by the field of editing and by the fact that threshold field of the first trade center in Cairo

Streets branching out from the field of editing
Tahrir Square is a few of the areas in Cairo, including:
Mohamed Mahmoud Bassiouni Street.
Talaat Harb Street.
Tahrir Street.
Street astronomer.
Kasr Al-Aini Street
Talaat Harb Square.
The field of martyr Abdul Moneim Riad.
Mohamed Farid field.
Champollion Street.
Kasr El Nil Street

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