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Revolution of January 25
The names of the revolution
Often called the revolution of January 25 Outhaurhanger, sometimes called the youth revolution, revolution, revolution, or white lotus. I called it some of the media name of «revolution of the 18 days»
The causes of the revolution
( Indirect causes )

  1-Emergency Law
The spread of the riot police from the paramilitary Central Security during the revolution of January 25

  2 - police brutality
These events occurred killing Cheb Khaled Mohammed Said, who died at the hands of the police in Sidi Gaber in Alexandria on June 6, 2010 , who they beat him to death in front of many witnesses. And died a young man in thirty, Mr. Bilal during his detention at SSI in Alexandria, has reportedly tortured severely, and spread on a large scale video showing the effects of torture

 3 - the presidency of Hosni Mubarak
Has been for the rule of Mubarak significant impact on the economic and social deterioration on the Egyptians, in addition to the significant decline in the level of education and high rates of unemployment and the spread of crime in the country
ملف:A sign with with the protests demand.jpg 
4  - Corruption and poor economic conditions, social and political
By late 2010 about 40% of Egypt's population live below the poverty line depend on the national income is equivalent to about $2 per day per person and depends a large part of the population on the subsidized goods
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5- Increasing population and increasing poverty rates
Egypt is the second largest country by population in Africa after Nigeria, the largest country in the Middle East. According to estimates by the year 2007 the number of Egypt's population of about 78,733,641 people . say that Egypt is increasingly a child every «23 Seconds» any increase Egypt, about 1.5 million people per year,

 6 - To export Egyptian gas to Israel
Since 2004, entered into Egypt four decades under which export natural gas to Israel - at a lower price multiples than the market price - and extends the work of these contracts until the year 2030. has caused these contracts in the political crises large to the Egyptian government. where that the export begins in the case of a surplus unless there is in Egypt., was one of the main reasons people curse them.

Immediate cause
 1 - People's Assembly elections
People's Assembly elections were held two months before the outbreak of protests, the ruling National Party won 97% of the seats in the Council, any Council that was devoid of any opposition to remember; a thing which frustrated citizens. Has been described the elections Palmzorh because it contradicts reality in the Egyptian street.

2- murder of a young Muhammad Khalid Saeed
The Egyptian citizen Khaled Mohammed Saeed, was killed in Alexandria on 6 June 2010, after having been tortured to death at the hands of two of the Police Department laboratory Sidi Gaber

 3 - the bombing of the saints in the Church of Alexandria

Bombing of the Church of Saints is a terrorist attack occurred in the city of Alexandria, the center of Christmas celebrations for the Eastern Churches. After New Year's twenty minutes before the explosion occurred Saints Church in the Sidi Bishr. This terrorist attack left 24 dead were also wounded 97 people

 4- killing the young Mr. Bilal
The Syed Bilal, 30 year old and holds a diploma in industrial. Work in the company Petrojet until 2006, when he was arrested and put in prison for Lehman Abu Zaabal. Brad then worked for welding. A father of a child one year old and two months. The Salafis and others from the opposition demonstrated on Friday, January 21 against the killing of Syed Bilal and was confined to the mosques after Friday prayers, I have to be with their brothers of the young people of Egypt on 25 January to demand the resignation of Interior Minister Habib al-Adli and accountability of the killers of Mr. Bilal and the abolition of emergency law.

 5 - a popular revolution, the Tunisian
Broke people's revolution in Tunisia on 18 December 2010 (ie before 38 days of the outbreak of passion Egyptian) in protest against the social and economic conditions and bad political and solidarity with Mohamed Bouazizi who set himself on fire

  6 - Albuazizih phenomenon in EgyptA week before the beginning of the events; Four Egyptian citizens on Tuesday, January 18 in 2011 set fire to themselves in a separate protest on the living conditions and economic and political bad

7 - social sites on the Internet
Played communication plays an important role in the call to revolution, Egypt, and especially the Web and come its role through the social networking site Facebook which was exploited by political activists in Egypt to continue with the hatred some people and introduce and disseminate their ideas and then came the call to rally strong on January 25

January 25 martyrs of the revolution
Revolution when it began on Jan. 25 was composed of young people who watched the page «We are all Khaled Said» on Facebook or young Facebook said Wael Ghoneim, in his interview with Mona El Shazly in the tenth night, and then turned into a revolution in which all young people, and now turned into a revolution in which all sects of the Egyptian people

The victory of the revolution and the fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak
In the sixth on Friday, February 11, 2011 AD Deputy President Omar Suleiman in a short statement on the president give up his post and was reading:
«In the name of God the Merciful Dear Countrymen in these difficult circumstances experienced by the country's President Hosni Mubarak he step down as president and the Supreme Council assigned the management of the armed forces of the country's affairs. And God bless and hired

The flow of millions of people to the streets of Cairo, especially in the field of editing and the various Egyptian govern orates to celebrate his departure,  And injured some people faint from excessive joy .In a few moments until it was celebrations all around the cities of the Arab world from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf to celebrate the victory of the revolution January 25 departure Mubarak government has also

 Reactions of local and international

    * The international reaction to the overall anti-system in favor of the goals of the Revolution and President Mubarak called for a rapid transfer of power, especially the United States, European Union, Germany, Turkey.

 Revolution and the detection of cohesion and the ethics of the Egyptian people
    * The Egyptians during the revolution, a fine example for the Egyptian people and of high morals, which has attracted the attention of most world leaders. It is enough to know that the rebels when they left the field of editing and cleaning the return of beautiful than it was before.

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