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Writer Naguib Mahfouz

Naguib Mahfouz (Cairo, December 11, 1911), Egyptian novelist and Nobel Jayzh discernible in the literature in 1988. His father was a state employee named Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Ahmed Basha
Naguib Mahfouz wrote Kterh novels, including "Palace Walk" and "Sugar" and "Revised Alley" and "'Palace of Desire" and "Children of the Alley" and "Miramar".
Atold Naguib Mahfouz in a Muslim family of the middle class in Cairo, and the name of the Atzmy Naguib Pasha Mahfouz (1882-1974), Doctor of Obstetrics and childbirth-known Coptic, oversaw the saree and saree was a difficult birth.
Naguib Mahfouz Ayesh the 1919 revolution and the child has a wish Oaamiha years. After the conclusion of the school entered the University of Cairo and taken it to the Bachelor of Philosophy, and began to interested in writing.
Influenced by Naguib Mahfouz, Russian literature and of letters of Dostoevsky himself.

Naguib Mahfouz worked as an employee in the government and the footmen routine, but I de routine helped him organize his life between work and writing. Naguib Mahfouz worked as secretary in the Ministry of Awqaf (1938 - 1945) and the Foundation Hassan loan up to the year 1954. After that worked as secretary of the Office of the Minister of National Guidance until she claimed the Ministry of Culture and worked as director of the censorship. And from 1960 in Atdrj Aloziv Foundation's film until she remained chairman of the General Organization for Cinema (1966-1971) and after retirement remained Random p writes a column in the Journal of the pyramids. In addition to his job of government, Naguib Mahfouz wrote violin scenarios for Egyptian films and Kterh de Khalah comfortable and financially stable.
DownLoad Naguib Mahfouz six gift of God, including Abraham and behind two daughters, Fatima and Umm Kulthum. Naguib Mahfouz Random righteousness is old Egypt and even Rahac Jayzh himself received the Nobel and his daughters sold Alatnin Ashan Estelmoha on his behalf. Baiqdy was his free time in Old Cairo, saree which inspired his novels and his characters, and was on the Coffee Baiqad there with companions saree nominated actor Ahmed Mazhar "Harafeesh" and was included, de Votarafoa name. In the summer and the impossibility Alex Bakabl writer Tawfiq al-Hakim Elly Kan loves Asif in Alexandria is the violin. Naguib Mahfouz, and preferred to p as de until she beat him a religious extremist, Petqal he knows how he did not read and does not write, in 1995, Vongar routine of his life and influenced a blow on the knife Darraa far as I know, and write and was Aarafh Pisaadh Emad Slave.
Atovy Naguib Mahfouz on August 30, 2006 and is has 85 years, and was honored by the Egyptian state funeral attended by large formal senior statesmen and Egyptians of all classes
Literature.Naguib Mahfouz Baattabr popes of Egyptian literature and contemporary story of modern Egyptian, and his writings have worked a major shift in tactics and language and ways of writing the story in Egypt, and themes inspired by novels of Naguib Mahfouz, the Egyptian environment and the heroes they talking to the modern Egyptian language. Beetmaz style andadept at drawing the characters and reflect the atmosphere of Cairo and the use of history andsymbols. Naguib Mahfouz was masterful in his novels and was Thabayk Bebeny whole storybefore they are written.

Naguib Mahfouz's novels first name was "absurd fate", and published a thinker, SalamaMoussa, 1939

Awards and honors
     * Award strengthened the hearts Damrdashih on the novel «Radubis» in 1943
     * Prize of the Ministry of Education on the novel «the struggle of good» in 1944
     * Arabic Language Academy Award for the novel «Khan el-Khalili» in 1946
     * State Prize in literature on the novel «the Kasserine» in 1957
     * Order of Merit First Class in 1962
     * State Award in the Arts in 1968
     * Order of the Republic of the first class in 1972
     * Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988
* Necklace Great Nile
in 1988

Of his words
Egypt is the birth and origin, a retirement home is not just limited but the limits are all human history and I love the house and please do not let it, but expelled or exiled.

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