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Natural reserves in Egypt
And characterized the environment in these areas of the capabilities and particular talents beyond the scenic beauty of the sea, the mountains and desert, is due to eco-tourism will witness the birth of the project to divert the Red Sea to the nature reserve Bssahelh long, which extends for more than a thousand kilometers will be the second largest marine reserve in the world has became the establishment of nature reserves and international demand for the protection of these areas of natural importance in maintaining the natural biodiversity of that diversity that keeps the continuity of life on Earth.
There are in Egypt (29) protected to date, including a protected valley of the Tigris and exposed to attacks and violations threaten the continuation of a nature reserve can not compensate for the unique components in any way. 
Models include a unique geological sequence exposed to the historical record up to about 600 million years ago and these reserves are

  Ras Muhammad and the Islands of Tiran and Sanafir 
Located in the South Sinai and away from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh is 12 km, and is famous for coral reefs and colorful fish and sea turtles, birds, mammals, marine animals, one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world. 

Zaranik protected marsh and Bardawil
Located in the North Sinai Governorate, 25 kilometers west of El Arish and represents one of the keys to bird migration and the number of birds, as characterized by the existence of several environments (areas of salt marshes - sand dunes and Gharwd - Wetlands).

Protected bush 
Located in the northern Sinai in Gharwd sand in the form of bar on the Mediterranean coast from El-Arish and to the international border in Rafah in the east, and contains areas of dense and massive numbers of trees Acacia and shrubs and herbs, making it a natural resource of pastures, timber and shelter for animals and birds and a source of sand dune fixation and water in the soil .

Reserve Brig 
Located in the province is on the northwest coast at a distance of 3 km west of Alexandria, about 200 km to the east of the city of Matrouh, and is characterized by the presence of vegetation is variable, medicinal plants and woody plants and that the types of animals and numbers of birds, insects and snails

Reserves of natural tray 
Located in the province of the Red Sea in the southeastern part of the Eastern Desert and is famous for the differences in ecosystems and the diversity of plants, animals and birds and reptiles. 

Protected Saluja and Ghazal 
Located in Aswan Governorate in the Nile River, about 3 km north of Aswan Reservoir and is characterized by a vegetative Balexae shelter for birds and resident and visiting birds. 

St. Katherine Protectorate 
Located in the South Sinai on a high plateau surrounded by high mountains, the most important areas of religious tourism, where the Monastery of St. Catherine's church, library and a mosque inside the monastery due to the Fatimid era, and Nabi Saleh and the Prophet Aaron and Wadi comfort and Valley of the forty and the mountains of Moses and Abbas and Safsafa and the highest peak mountain in Egypt (Mount Catherine and a height of 2637 meters), and there are a number of plants and animals and birds.

Protected Ostom beautiful 
Located in Port Said, at a distance of 7 km west of Port Said on the coastal road, the island is located within the Lake Tennis status at a distance of 7 km to the south west of the city of Port Said, Tel tennis include archaeological excavations and the effects of the Ayyubid period. Characterized by the presence of protected ecosystems are diverse and station for migrating birds and the types of fish.

Lake Karun protected 
Located in the Fayoum Governorate in the northwestern corner of Wadi El Rayan, one of the oldest natural lakes in the world and the remainder of the old Lake Morris, and the geological formations and important plants, a variety of fossils as ancient as the fossil the oldest monkey in the world, also contains traces of Pharaonic, Roman, and there is the lake a number of fish .

Wadi Rayan 
Located in the Fayoum governorate in the southwestern part of the Fayoum, and consists of Wadi El Rayan from the lake, the upper and the lake bottom and the waterfalls, which connects the lakes and the eyes of Al Rayyan south of the lake bottom and the area of ​​Jabal Al Rayan, a surrounding the eye and the Mount retained near the lake bottom is characterized by the Wadi El Rayan environment desert full range of sand dunes and the eyes of natural and plant life and wild animals and there are types of birds.

Wadi Allagui 
Located in Aswan, 180 kilometers southeast of Aswan, the Valley extends along 275 km and an average of one offer and how much protected aimed at preserving the genetic resources of plants and animals and birds. Characterized as a protected area for scientific research and there are a number of plants and mammals, and the number of birds and some reptiles and vertebrates.

Wadi Asiouty 
Located in the province of Assiut in the southern region of the Delta Valley region of strange, this is a protected plant breeding and propagation of wild animals and plants threatened with extinction. And is characterized by its proximity to protected germplasm of endangered medicinal plants and aromatic. 
Dome of the protected good 
Located in Giza, Cairo / Alexandria Desert Road, and is characterized by the installation of complex geological structure, which is part of Abu Rawash due to the age Alchritaoy component of a series of domes and Almqarat. Protected and the importance for learners of how the science of geology to the plant Celsola Baku, one of the dwarf shrub vegetation with the importance of pastoral.

Fossilized Forest Reserve 
Located in the Cairo governorate, 18 km east of Downtown and North by Katameya / Ain Sokhna. It consists of sedimentary layers of sand, gravel, shale, petrified wood, and these deposits are rich in the remains of trunks, stems, large petrified trees aged about 35 million years, the area is geologically impact rarely seen there in the world. 

Protected cave and led Senor 
Located in the province of Beni Suef, about 70 km south east of the city built Sopf characterized by the presence of geological structures known Balsed and stalactites of alabaster were formed over millions of years, dating back to about 60 million years, and returns the importance of the cave to the scarcity of such natural formations as it is of great importance for researchers .

Located in the province of South Sinai in the area between Taba and Sharm el-Sheikh and Wadi or infection, characterized by coral reefs and marine organisms and sea grasses and deserts, and there are a number of animals and migratory birds and resident.

Abu protected Jalom 
Located in the South Sinai governorate on the road between Sharm el-Sheikh and Taba area called Wadi Alrsash. Featuring protected Btabogervaih especially where the mountains close to the beach and contains diverse ecosystems of coral reefs and marine organisms and sea grasses, deserts, mountains full of animals, birds and wild plants, making it a tourist attraction.

Taba protected 
Located in the South Sinai governorate in the south-west of the city of Taba and is characterized by geological formations and archaeological sites aged up to about 5000 years, in addition to rare wildlife and beautiful landscapes and heritage of the traditional Bedouin residents. The park contains geological formations and caves and mountain paths and a network of valleys and some of the natural springs and a number of mammals, birds and rare species of reptiles and plants.

Protected Burullus 
Located in Kafr El Sheikh Rashid branch of the North East and relate to the lake via the River Nile Bermbal Canal and the Mediterranean Sea through the strait Burullus and spreads about 28 islands in the lake, the second largest natural lake in Egypt and the multiple sources of biological diversity. There is a number of lake environments and on the coasts, there are sand dunes, and these environments are a natural place for wild plants and aquatic birds and receive migrans.

Islands reserves the Nile River island of 144 
Studies indicate that the islands of the Nile River provinces of Egypt different number (144) Island is located at 818 village and hamlet and center in the 15 governorates and Luxor City (Aswan - Qena - Sohag - Assiut - Menia - Beni Suef - Cairo - Cairo - Qaliubiya - Lower - Bank - Kafr El-Sheikh - the lake - Dakahlia - Damietta). These islands are distributed from Aswan to the Delta Barrages (55 Island), and Rachid (30 Island), and the Damietta branch (19 Island) and covers an area of ​​islands about 155 km 2, located on the islands of living animals and wild plants, which must be preserved. 

Wadi Tigris 
Located in the Cairo governorate, east of Maadi in the Eastern Desert, and is one of the important valley which stretches from east to west length of about 30 km, and this valley sang excavations, and its waterfalls Tigris in some places, which formed as a result of factors of Sacrifice and the region a series of caves inhabited by bats. Valley and includes a group of animals and types of resident and migratory birds and plant life and is characterized by different types of the valley and the nature of certain geographical features a unique aesthetic which represents the importance of education and educational and recreational.

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