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Life Nightingale Abdul Halim

Born on June 21, 1929 in the village of Ahalouat Egypt. And his mother died after giving birth to one week. Abdel Halim grew up an orphan on his birth. Before Abdul Halim is the first year his father died, then to live in an orphanage and then in the house of his uncle Hajj Metwally Amasha.

He was playing with his cousins ​​in the Canal Village, including the scroll to schismatics, which destroyed his life, and I once said I'm God, has carried through his life and sixty-one surgery , which is the fourth son and the largest of his brothers is Ismail Shabana, who was a singer and teacher of music in the Ministry of Education, joined after a bit of maturity in the book of Sheikh Ahmed; and since the Nightingale School of brown manifested His great love for music even became president of the songs in his school band. Since then he tries to enter the field of singing to the intensity and passion for it.

 He joined the Institute of Arabic music section composing in 1943 when he met the artist Kamal long as Abdel Halim students in the Department of composing, and Kamal in the Department of singing and sounds, have a lesson together at the institute until graduating in 1948 and nominated for travel in the Government mission abroad, but he canceled his travel and work 4 years a teacher of music in Tanta and Zagazig and finally in Cairo, and then resigned from teaching and joined the team after the radio music musicians Alabuah his family in 1950.

Correspond with a friend and old buddy Mr. Magdi Alamrsa in 1951 in the house of Director of Broadcasting at the time, radio Fahmi Omar. Nightingale discovered brown Abdel Halim Hafez great radio Shabana Abdul Wahab, who allowed him to use the name "maintained" instead of Shabana.

According to some sources, Abdul Halim was passed on the radio after the submission of the poem "to meet" the words of Salah Abdel-Sabour, melody Kamal term in 1951, while other sources believe that his vacation was in 1952 after having made the song "O sweet, O Brown" lyrics Samir Mahjoub, and music by Mugi, and generally there was agreement that the essential (Safana times) words Samir Mahjoub, and music by Mugi in August 1952 and rejected by the masses of the first glance, where people are not ready to receive this type of singing the new.
But re-sing "Safana time" in June 1953, the proclamation of the Republic, and has achieved great success, then presented the song "to have been longing" words of Mohammed Ali Ahmed, and composed by Kamal term in July 1954, and achieved an overwhelming success, and then re-presented in the film "melody to meet" in 1955, and with the growing success of the title Bandlab brown.

The beginnings
Photograph of Abdul Halim in the April 26, 1948 after receiving a Diploma of Higher Institute of Arabic Music
Extend this period of his leave on the radio in 1951 after submitting a poem to "meet" the words of Salah Abdel-Sabour and composed by Kamal term, until the start of filming his first "meet the melody" in 1955, were not symptoms of schistosomiasis may have worsened.
Nla luck in this period that a large number of the songs contain a tone of optimism, such as: "This Holiday Dew," "I accept the morning", "complex" Dream, "in the silence of the night," "joy, O Xanana", "eyes Ptnagiu", " rich .. rich, "" Night Lights and Summer, "" Fujairah breeze "," Dmek Wind, "" I wake and the people "," the whole world. "

She also speaks some of these beautiful songs about nature, such as: "Golden Afternoon", "Is the spring", "authentic." It also addresses some of the songs mentioned emotional beautiful nature in the context of human love of all that is beautiful, such as "may," "the silence of the night", "pink", "Habibi P prying," "company of Roses", "Spring Poet", "table" , "You're new inspiration", "" Here Gramena Rod "," spring rolls ".
But with the worsening of the disease schistosomiasis has, starting from 1956, we note that the optimistic tone of his songs began to disappear gradually, and be replaced by the tone of sadness in his songs.
Continued excellence
Collaboration with the composer's genius Mugi, and the perfection of the long and eloquent Hamdi, as it has the songs famous composed by musician generations Mohamed Abdel Wahab, such as: (love you, Neptda Mnin story, missed next to us), then complete the bilateral (Halim - eloquent) in conjunction with the Egyptian poet known Muhammad Hamza al-Arab from the best songs including:
Z-Hawa, tourists, try Fkrna, any sadness tear, and promised other songs.
The richness of the great poet Nizar Qabbani, the song reader and a letter from the cup under the water, composed by musician Mugi.
After 1967 sang at the historic concert in front of 8 thousand people in the Hall (Albert Hall) in London for the war effort to remove the effects of aggression. Abdul Halim was presented in the concert song of Christ; Abdul Rahman Abnoudi words and music by eloquent Hamdi, and sang the same song except the day the ceremony, which also Ibnaudi and eloquent, and is one of the most prominent music concerts Abdul Halim over its long history.
He was a friend of the leader Habib Bourguiba, the Hassan II and King Hussein.
Abdel Halim dream to provide a story «No» to the great writer Mustafa Amin on the big screen and was nominated Najla Fathi to the championship, but unfortunately not much. Ft 3 programs lyric is: «Girl Nile» the poet Ahmed Mukhaimar and music by Mugi and directed by Kamel Yousef and «known Crispin» the poet Ibrahim Ragab and composed by Abdul-Halim Ali and directed by Osman Abaza, «meet» the poet Mustafa Abdul Rahman, the music Hussain Junaid and directed by Ismail Abdul Majid.
Was pessimistic of barking dogs sad .. He was optimistic cats and attached forms in his apartment

Abdel Halim .. Film series
Has been a feature film entitled Halim in July 2006 amid big publicity and production Emad Eddin Adib, Sheriff Arafa and was directed by Sheriff Arafa also starred actor famous Egyptian Ahmed Zaki, who died after the completion of 90% of the film, also acted as Abdul Halim at the stage of youth, his son Haitham Ahmed Zaki.
The production was filmed and the story of the people of Nightingale series which tells the biography of Abdel Halim Hafez, adding to the events experienced by Egypt during the period of its existence, including the Egyptian Althoh, and the rise of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the war with Israel. The representation of the role of the late Abdel Halim Hafez Representative comprehensive Shadi, who won a contest on the screen called the Nightingale of the MBC had to be set up to find a young actor like a legend singer dramatically. It can lead role on the TV screen. Shadi pictures series (Nightingale story of the people) and he pulled it and like him a selection of great artists such as (Abla Kamel and Kamal Abu Raya). Writer Nora, but despite this, the series was not as strong as expected, has neglected a lot of important details in the life of Abdul Halim and strongly criticized by critics for the poor performance of technical and change some of the happenings of the story of his life.
Criticism can be objective in terms of the series in two main points:
1)    There are many historical errors, such as saying that he had submitted the song "O sweet, O Brown" in 1948, and is true that by 1952, approximately.
2)    Interest in topics on the subject of a long series such as the biography of the Muslim Brotherhood, as it is concerned with the biography of President Abdel Nasser since he entered the Military Academy, to the extent that it is often overshadowed by the owner of the series, a biography of Abdul Halim

Mystery of love Abdul Halim
Habiba Abdel Halim Hafez was and still is a mystery puzzled everyone. It is? And how he met? What are the specifications of the woman who signed the «Nightingale» in love? All these questions were reluctant in the minds of friends and associates by the public. While Abdul Halim impose secrecy on this relationship, was not allowed to close friends to enter into any of the details of the near or far.
To be? During the last period, he began to speak again about the renewed Habiba Abdul Halim, and details of the relationship that brought them, after the submission of personal «Diddy» in the film «Halim», and illustrated by Syrian artist Slav Fawakherji. Also the embodiment of the same character in the series «Nightingale», which we saw during the last month of Ramadan, and caused a sensation, and embodied the role of Habiba Abdul Halim This time the young artist Heidi Karam, a public comparison between the two, and which succeeded in the realization of the role?! The answer to this question is very difficult; as one of the closest friends of Abdul Halim had not seen his beloved, and therefore one can not answer this question.
Radio large and serious-Hakim, a Friends of the «Halim» close he said, who claims he saw Habiba Abdel Halim Hafez, he is not sincere in his words; Abdel Halim was a progressive and liberal in his songs, but it differs in relation to women, there was no one sees his relatives or mixed them, has been allocated to them suites inside his apartment away from the room saloon, which had met his friends, authors, composers, even the attic Shabana his sister close to him, which was inherent to him in all his steps did not publish a newspaper picture of during the life of Abdul Halim, which fell out after his death .
Hakim says: The only person who saw Habiba Abdul-Halim Abdel-Fattah is a private driver, who was on the Nightingale Aotmanh secrets. When we were traveling outside the country, with Abdul-Halim was to meet in secrecy, on one occasion I asked the composer eloquent about the secret relationship with Hamdi Abdul Halim to this woman, he told me he did not know more than I do.
Asked about the role of Habiba Abdul Haleem, who embodied Heidi Karam in the series «Nightingale» he replied, impressed the performance of Heidi, and I felt like I was watching Habiba Abdul Halim true based on what I heard from it, witness Abdel Halim artist Heidi Karam sure he will fall in love .
Hakim says: The love affair that brought Abdul Halim and «Diddy» lasted 5 years, and was not related to an emergency in his life, as some claim. And about changing the name of Habiba Abdul Halim during the events of the series of «Diddy» to «Gigi» said Wajdi al-Hakim: The author was forced to change the name so as not to fall into any issues with her family. And the status of Abdul Halim after the death of his beloved Hakim said: I was inherent in him during this period, and I knew her death through a case of extreme sadness experienced by Abdul-Halim, and everyone felt as passed by Abdul Halim at the time, and was always traveling to Alexandria, where he met for the first time.

Songs Abdul Halim
Love songs
    Afternoon with his voice (only) song lyrics Les counted the days and music by Kora Fathi Ali Farraj in the film after the farewell 1953.
    On June 18, 1953 live concert Abdul Halim City Lights Park of Andalusia in what is considered as the first formal concert, which was also the first official ceremony to declare the Republic.
    "Safana time" words of Samir Mahjoub, composed by Mugi
    "Have been longing for" the words of Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Kamal composed by long
    "Repentance" in 1955, Mr. Hussein's words, melody composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab Abdel-Wahab's first songs of Abdul Halim
    "On the day in the month in the year" the words Morsi Jamil Aziz, and composed by Kamal term.
    Promised words of Mohammed Hamza and composed an eloquent Hamdi
    "Meet" The words of Salah Abdel-Sabour and composed by Kamal long, the first song recorded by Abdel Halim Hafez radio.
    "Message from under the water," written by Nizar Qabbani, and composed by Mugi
    "Reader cup": 1976 the last richer. From the words of Nizar Qabbani and music by Mugi.

National songs
    "New Testament" in 1952: the first national anthem sung by Abdel Halim Hafez in his life, from the words of Mahmoud Abdul Hai, composed by Tawfiq Abdel Hamid Zaki, Abdul Halim was sung after the revolution of July 23
    "We are the people," the first song sung by Halim President Gamal Abdel Nasser after a popular choice to be president of the republic in 1956, the first technical meeting between the trio and Abdel-Halim Mahln Kamal long and poet Salah Jaheen
    At home or a song of Christ, Jerusalem, singing the words of Abdul Rahman Abnoudi and composed an eloquent and distribution of Hamdi Ismail Ali.
    "Your son tells you, O hero," from the words of Abdul Rahman Abnoudi, Kamal long melody
    "Tale of the people" in 1960 from the words of Ahmad Shafiq Kamel Kamal long melody, and the lights of the city in a ceremony which was held in Aswan to celebrate the groundbreaking Baina the High Dam.
    "I swear Basmaha" 1967 Halim promised that sings in all his concerts to be free the land of Egypt in the Sinai. The words of Abdul Rahman Abnoudi long and composed by Kamal
    "Who said he lived" the first song sung by Abdel Halim after the 1973 October War victory of the words and music by Mohammed Hamza al-Hamdi, eloquent.. It was the first song in which he praised the role of President Anwar Sadat in Egypt's great victory.
    "Star leaned on the Moon" 1975 Words and music by Mohsen Khayat Mugi, and "the vehicle back" words and music by Aldmrani Mustafa Mohamed Abdel Wahab, after re-opening of the Suez Canal to international navigation
    "Song of the largest home" from the words of Ahmed Shafik full "and composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab
    "Image" Holiday sang in the revolution in July 23, 1966 Keywords: Salah Jaheen composed by: Kamal long
    Demands of the people on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the revolution of July 23, 1962 Words: Ahmad Shafiq Kamel composed by: Kamal-term distribution: Ali Ismail
    Venice Atkelmt Keywords: Abdul Rahman Abnoudi composed by: Kamal long

Wounded Nightingale brown cirrhosis of the liver caused by schistosomiasis, and this was fibrosis cause of his death in 1977 and was the first time knew the Nightingale brown with the disease in 1956 when he was hit first bleeding in the stomach and was then invited to break fast of Ramadan with his friend Mustafa Sgt.
Doctors who treated him on a journey of his illness: Dr. Mustafa Qenawi, Dr. Yassin Abdel Ghaffar, Dr. Zaki Swedan, Dr. Hisham Isa, Dr. Shaker pleasure, and England, Dr. Tanner, Dr. Sheila Sherlock, Dr. Dugr Williams, D. Ronald Macbeth, France d. Sarazan France.
He had a private secretary, Miss SZ Ali and worked with him since 1972 and was to accompany him in all the hospitals that lay therein.
Hospitals where lay abroad: Ibn Sina Hospital in Rabat (Morocco), and in England: St James Hospital, Hurst, London Clinic, Versenj Home, King's College Hospital (hospital, which saw his death), «Salpetrad» (Paris

And death
Died on Wednesday, March 30 / March 1977 in London at the age of eight and forty years, and the primary cause of his death is a contaminated blood, who was transferred to him pregnant with hepatitis viral virus C, which can not be cured with cirrhosis of the liver caused by his disease schistosomiasis since childhood it may also pointed examination in London, not to the disease treatment and time and showed some consensus that the direct cause of his death is scratching the telescope, which brought to Omaah which led to the bleeding has doctors tried to prevent bleeding, put a balloon to Abelah to prevent leakage of blood, but Abdel Halim died and could not swallow the balloon medical Center. Public grief stricken so that some girls from Egypt, committed suicide after knowing this news. His funeral was a solemn funeral in Egypt did not know just like the funeral of the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, both in the number of human participants in the funeral, which amounted to more than 2.5 million people, or emotions in people's sincere at the time the funeral.

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