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Queen Nefertiti

Nefertiti - Egyptian Museum Berlin
Queen Nefertiti, whose name means "beautiful come" is the wife of King Omnhuteb IV (who later became Akhenaten) Eighteenth Dynasty Pharaoh, the famous and the protectors of Tutankhamun.
Assets of Queen Nefertiti is uncertain and believes she is the daughter of any army commander and her nurse was the wife of the Minister Aye, who is likely to be a brother of Queen Tiye, and was called often "Abu-Elah" This suggests that perhaps his father by virtue of his marriage to his mother, and every case of any did not mention at all about himself as Abu Nefertiti. Although there are references indicating that the image of the sister of Nefertiti's death Notgmt Mutnojme decree, and decorated the tomb of Aye .
The role of wife
Akhenaten and Nefertiti and her children 

Participated Queen Nefertiti her husband in the worship of the new religion is the worship of the Aten power disk of the sun and she and her husband, the mediator between the people and the roar, and is supposed to give the blessed whole only when united royal couple, and the Nefertiti during the first years of the rule of her husband to change her name according to change her faith to Nfrnfraton Nefertiti, which means Aten shines as the beautiful may come from.Remember Nefertiti statue mid to face the photographer and the carved piece of limestone in one of the finest pieces of art from ancient times a month fee of Queen Nefertiti, was found Egyptologist German Bernhardt in the December 6, 1912 Porsche sculptor Thutmose at Tel el-Amarna.Borchardt statue escaped the full (non-scarified) to his home in the neighborhood of Zamalek, Cairo, and from there he fled to Germany is hidden within the pieces of broken pottery value, sent to Berlin for restoration.There is another statue of Nefertiti from the Egyptian Museum Red quartzite and decorated with touches of ink is at least in the accuracy of manufacture of the head in Berlin, but less well known.Akhenaten and Nefertiti and her children
Property titles and Nefertiti Great Royal Wife, Nefertiti gave birth six of Akhenaten from the girls:
    Merit Aton was born in Thebes before moving to the sister of furnace
    Mokt roar
    Ankhs The roar of Ba and who married Tutankhamun
    Nfrnfro roar indicative
    Nfrnfro Ra
    The Step-Ra
End of her life
Unfinished statue of Nefertiti
After the twelfth year of the rule of Akhenaten, Nefertiti disappeared There was no mention of them and thought it died and was buried in a cemetery Bakhittatun also believed that Tutankhamun's mummy with the transfer of Akhenaten and his father's sister when they abandoned the furnace .
Pattern-to-face Nefertiti and Akhenaten Museum in Brooklyn

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