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Complex religions

Here the sun shines the Koran and the Bible and the Torah
In one place and the land of Egypt, gathering the effects of the three religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and was visiting on his visit to the complex religious joy of rare spiritual high around the place, and enough honor to have witnessed two of the first determination, and two Prophet Moses and Jesus peace be upon him
Complex includes religions Mosque of Amr Ibn El-Aas, the first mosque built in Egypt and Africa and a fourth mosque built in Islam after the mosques of Medina, Basra and Kufa, next to no group of churches and monasteries that have graced the presence of Jesus Christ son of Mary, peace be upon him, the Virgin Mary during their trip in Egypt, next to this and we find that the Jewish Temple, who saw Moses, peace be upon him worship the One God.

Mosque of Amr Ibn El-Aas
Going back to the beginning of the Islamic conquest of Egypt .. We find that the Mosque of Amr Ibn El-Aas completely different to what it is now was a roof of palm leaves and mud and carried on columns of palm logs and the height is low. The wall is brick and is coated dish did not have the home was furnished with straw, and its well known Bustan ablutions. It was not by the minarets nor any kind of decoration both at home and abroad, and the prayer niche was flat and without a decree on the wall cavity and then made ​​renovations and expansions of the mosque after that throughout the ages.

Hanging Church
One of the most important effects are complex and religions know this name because it was built over the Roman fortress of Babylon at a height of 13 meters above the ground, thus becoming the highest buildings.
The Hanging Church, which dates back to the fifth century AD, one of the oldest churches of Egypt and was originally a Pharaonic temple. In 80 AD, established the Roman emperor(Trajan) Fortress of Babylon the Romanian parts of the temple to be used in pagan worship, and when Christianity spread and transformation of the Romans of the new religion turned pagan temple to the oldest church of Roman Egypt, which is held by the religious to this day regularly.

The advantage of the Church that it contains over 120 icon spread over walls and containinginside a church other than to climb a wooden ladder which is the Church Of St. Mark

Church of St. Barbara
Church of St. Barbara is the most beautiful churches of the Copts. Created in the late fourteenth century and dedicated on behalf of Ms. Barbara, born in the early third century Christian Panicomeda one of the country's east in a wealthy family and idolatry. And converted to Christianity at the hands of the mark Orijans Egyptian and refused to marry to devote her life to serve the religion espoused by and cited in the era of the Roman Emperor Maximian after Anthrt her father on the worship of idols became angry and killed her.
Coptic Museum
Also includes a fortress of Babylon, who founded the museum in 1910 by Mark thick Pasha, to the importance of a place of expanding to include groups of relics of the Christian era that is stored in a hall near the Hanging Church, and to facilitate the study of the history of Christianity in Egypt.
The area of ​​the Coptic Museum College, which tracks the history of Christianity in Egypt, about 8000 m as the number of its collection approximately 16,000 preferred arranged according to the qualities to twelve departments, offered a presentation scientifically takes into account the chronological order, the most important exhibits Book of Psalms of David, which has allocated a separate room

complete the complex religious effects the three monotheistic religions there synagogue, which was originally a temple, then turned to the church until the reign of Ahmad ibn Tulun, and returned again a temple after he bought the Jewish community and its leader at that time Abraham Ben Ezra, and this is called the temple is also the Temple of Ben Ezra

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