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Mohamed Anwar Sadat

An area of ​​controversy around the figure of the late president "Anwar al-Sadat" really wonderful, rarely find in our political history as a people, "Sadat" Make some smarter than the rule of Egypt from the days of the pharaohs and to this day, while chasing him with accusations of others does not end .. Treason and stupidity of political, labor
About his life
President Sadat was born on December 25, 1918 in the village of Mit Abu El Kom Menofia.He was educated first in the village on the book by Sheikh Abdul Hamid Isa
. Then go to primary school Copts Btuch Dlka and he received a certificate of First Instance.In 1935 he joined the military school to complete his postgraduate studies 
And in 1938 graduated from the Military Academy lieutenant tan. He was appointed in the city of Manqabad southern Egypt.

Affected by Sadat at the beginning of his life a number of political figures and popular in Egypt and the world, has contributed to this effect in the formation of his struggle and shaping his political ambitions for Egypt.
After that the work of the Auditor-Sadat, "a news magazine photographer until December 1948.

And in 1949 this year separated from his first wife and had proposed to Ms. Jehan Safwat Raouf and between the engagement and get married in 1949 Sadat entrepreneurs work with his friend Hassan Ezzat
In 1951 formed the foundation for the organization of the secret army, who knew him later organized the Free Officers it joined Sadat to it, and events developed in Egypt quickly Between 1951-1952, Vofatt government delegation "in January 1950 - January 1952" 1936 treaty after the fire broke out Cairo's famous January 1952 and dismissed the King and the Ministry of copper last.

And in 1952 In the spring of this year prepared the leadership of the organization of the Free Officers of the Revolution, On July 21, sent Gamal Abdel Nasser to Anwar Sadat at the headquarters of his unit Arish requests him to come to Cairo to participate in the revolution of the army to the king and the English. The revolution and broadcast Anwar Sadat vote statement revolution , Sadat then assigned to the task of carrying and close to the abdication of King Farouk.

In 1953, this year established the Revolutionary Command Council of the Republic and El-Sadat was assigned to the task of editor of this newspaper.
In 1960 was elected president of the National Assembly from 21/07/1960 to 27/09/1961,
The president "of the National Assembly for the second term of 29/03/1964 to 11/12/1968.
In 1969 chosen leader Gamal Abdel Nasser as his deputy until the day September 28, 1970.

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