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Alexandria Library
Known as the Library of Alexandria property or library marrow or simply the Library of Alexandria or the largest libraries of its age , built by Ptolemy and is said to have been founded by Alexander the Great before the twenty-three centuries  It is also said to have been founded by Ptolemy II in the early third century BCE,  year (285 247) BCE


Historians have disagreed about the person who built the library, there are those who say that Alexander placed in the layout when building Alexandria , the owner of the idea of ​​building and some say that Ptolemy I
The secret of greatness and fame ancient Library of Alexandria
The prominence of the ancient Library of Alexandria (Bbltica de me Axandrina) because it is the oldest library general government in the ancient world, and not because they are the first libraries of the world's libraries have Pharaonic temples were known to the ancient Egyptians, but it's for the priests only, and the Ptolemies themselves, who founded, they know libraries as good as back its greatness as well as whale books and science civilizations, Pharaonic, Greek, the event combination of scientific and cultural convergence of intellectual science of the East and Science West 

Ancient Library
The Library of Alexandria property first and the greatest library known to history and remained the largest libraries of its time, established the Library of Alexandria at the hands of the successors of Alexander the Great more than two thousand years to the largest collection of books in the ancient world and which now have reached the time to 700 thousand volumes including the works of Homer and the Library Aristotle.
Library fire
In 48 BC. M Julius Caesar burned the vessel 101 were present on the Mediterranean coast to the Library of Alexandria after it was besieged by young brother Ptolemy Cleopatra felt that after Julius Caesar, Cleopatra advocate it, and spread fire burning ships to the library of Alexandria,where it is believed some historians to have been destroyed
Groups ancient Library of Alexandria
 The figures indicate that the main library in the museum housed 400 thousand scrolls of Records and 90 thousand scrolls and 800 arranged and classified. These figures were recorded by the groups at the time of Callimachus, who died in a given year between 235 and 240 BC. M. The documents confirm that the maximum number reached by the group is 700 thousand volumes until the first century BC, before the fire is going to be partial took place with the hit "Julius Caesar" of Alexandria. It is unfortunate that we do not have numbers confirmed after that date and after compensation Cleopatra as has been said library Pergamum after falling in the hands of Antony in 41 BC. M and estimated at about 200 thousand scrolls, and the pride of kings Attaliyn, so it is difficult to know the trends substantive library where we have not had even index developed by Callimachus for groups

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